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Rich Z
I think I have found most of them. Some I had to use the "wayback machine" to recover. Still haven't found anything I may have written on the "UltraHypos" however. And I am puzzled about the conflicting info I have written about the source of the Cinder/Ashy gene. I'm *pretty sure* the guy I mentioned at the Birmingham reptile show is accurate, since that is what I remember now. But it is what it is, I guess. Not that it would make much difference at this late date. No telling where that animal was actually caught on the Florida Keys, and no way to even ask anyone about it. I never knew the guy's name at the Birmingham show.

I guess except for obvious multi-gene combinations, I've pretty much posted all I need to post about sources of some of the root genetic lines.

Been meaning to do this for a long time now......