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Richard Hume
Amber Lavender Blood project

As some of you may know, I produced a pair of animals in 2009 that I suspected might be amber lavender bloods (see male pictured). These were from the "mystery" line of snakes that produce peach lavender bloods. This year, I bred the siblings together, plus I bred the male to a butter blood to see if I got all caramel bloods. That would have proven that he was an amber lavender blood (since I was already certain that he was at least a hypo lavender blood).

Well, it turns out that he is not an amber lavender blood, he is het caramel (and amel, as it turned out). So I ended up producing bloods, caramel bloods and one butter blood. Here are the results:

Bloods (het hypo, lavender, amel and caramel) 3.4
Caramel bloods (het hypo, lavender, amel) 2.6
Butter blood (het hypo, lavender) 1.0

Obviously, you can produce an amazing array of bloods out of these combos. The ultimate prize to me would be an amber lavender blood, which I don't believe exists at this time, although I could be mistaken on that (apologies to anyone who may have done that). From the caramels at least, you would have a good shot at that.

I thought it didn't make sense to try to sell these in pairs or trios, since the odds are more in your favor keeping back a large group of them. So I want to sell the entire clutch, all 6.10 of them.

So I'm asking $700 shipped for the whole lot of them. Yes, that is a very inexpensive price, but it also reflects that someone is going to have to do the work of keeping back a group to hit the jackpot. But you will hit it with a larger group, the odds would definitely be in your favor.

In addition to the father, I am attaching two pics each of a caramel and butter blood from the clutch.

Thanks for looking!

Rich Hume