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The "Pinkest" Morph?

Recently I saw a photo of a Red Factor Snow that was just insanely pink... ever since then I can't get it out of my mind that I want to find the pinkest snake possible for my next addition. Looking at photos of morphs online is proving a little difficult because I have a suspicion some of the photos of snakes with super intense coloration have had their contrast and saturation upped in editing. I was wondering if anyone here has a more objective knowledge of which morphs/lines tend to be the pinkiest snakes (and keep as much pink into adulthood as possible). I've loved Coral Snows for a long time and I'm familiar with Bubblegums and Peppermints. I stopped keeping corns for probably 7 or 8 years and I'm guessing the Red Factor gene came into play while I was away from the hobby, because I don't remember seeing it around before?

Also, of all the possible pink morphs, are there any you would think are more likely to be available at an expo? I have a local expo coming up in May and I'm hoping I can find the perfect snake to pick up while I'm there... we'll see how that works out