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dave partington
How do we add lava sunkissed mahogany , the collective red factors, strawberry christmas scarlet, crimson, etc. sub categories? Do we need to be a mod? there's so many variants and basic cinder, kitschy kastanie copper caramel calico conundrum base types (whatever a base type even is any more...)
this subcategory is highly incomplete, Im not freaking on you Susan,
Its been awhile, Rich Z, Nanci, Chip/ Mohr n the gang,
Can we please somehow add to the morph gallery: more base types?
thanks for any considerations
I dont have snakes at the moment and its really difficult to locate any really GOOD galleries of paradox, anery a, charcoal, hypo, dilute especially, yeah all that mess, i dont need a novel as an intro to the gene, can we have that yet now?