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One wonders, why does someone selling snakes lock their post? Perhaps they have something to hide!
Thank You so very much Nanci.

I have done all I could to make things right with anyone who has had any misfortune with any of my snakes. I have culled all snakes out of my collection that dont appear 100% ok in every way. I have had several of them tested before I euthanized them and confirmed that none of them had any disease or infections. I still put some of them down because they were not perfect and I am trying to avoid any future problems. I apologized to all that have had bad experiences and reimbursed a pile of money to show good faith. Nobody has had any of their snakes infected with anything contracted from my snakes because my snakes are not infected with anything.
My mistake was getting too excited and getting in too deep with too many snakes and ending up with too many eggs and hatchlings. Many of them double clutched without a second breeding. (I thought that was an indication of Very Good Health.) That is how I ended up with more mouths to feed than I could handle. I did my best to keep up with the demands of all the extra hatchlings in addition to working unexpected excessively long hours at work but the longer time went on, the more difficult the struggle became and as a result, some of the snakes apparently became internally compromised over time. I always had a sense of hope that they would all be ok if I just didnt stop trying to take care of them. It just didnt work out that way. That is why the problem was only with the hatchlings and not with Juveniles or Adults.
I never sold anything to anyone with the hope that it would die in the hands of new owners.
I am trying to work my way back into people's good graces but without a fair chance, it isnt possible. Posting a thread like the one you have posted here, suggesting that I am hiding things, is counterproductive and unfair.
I dont appreciate being made out to be some sort of criminal. I would have never reimbursed anybody for anything if I was trying to get away with anything.
I never thought that locking a sale thread was an indication of 'Hiding Anything'. I feel it is a way of preventing the thread from getting cluttered with a bunch of chatter that distracts people from the purpose of the thread.
(Or protecting it from being sabotaged by people with grudges).
By Offering Measurements, Weights and Food Sizes on the snakes I am trying to sell, is a way of comforting people as to exactly what they should expect when they get the snake. I have sold several snakes since all this mess originally unfolded and have had nothing but happy recipients.
I am trying to significantly reduce my breeding stock so I am not faced with the same challenges in 2012. All these animals are Healthy and Brumating Quietly. Without continued interference, maybe I will be able to get this accomplished.
Thank you for understanding.