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Talking Bath time experience behavior

Hi All,

Peach hadn't eaten in two weeks (was regular once a week for a long time) so I thought she might need a bath. So I got her feed bin and put some warm water in it. I brought her over and put some water on her before she got in. Then I put her in. At first before I got her whole body in she struggled a little tiny bit, then voila. She loved it. She dunked her head under like she was diving in the pool several times and the last four inches of her tail was wagging like a dogs. She would peep her head over the side then dive back in. I left her in for like 10 minutes and she was a happy girl. I don't know if that is usual, but I'm happy she enjoyed it. She still hasn't eaten and it's been about three weeks. I think she's paused growing and just isn't hungry. She looks great, not skinny. So I'm just trying her every 3-4 days with a mouse. What do you guys do with mice that aren't eaten? Thanks!