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Corn snakes are very adaptable snakes. They're like the betta fish of the snake world in my opinion. Anyways for ideal temperatures to make them happiest you need to create a create a temperature gradient and have a warm and cool side. The warm side should be 80-85 and the cool side should be around 70-75, my cool side is just room temperature. At night some people recommend to let the temperature drop down to 65 but unless you have them in a cold basement that's hard to do so I just honeatly turn off all my heating stuff and let it cool to room temprature on both sides. As for humidity if you keep it at 50% they are pretty happy campers.

As for the mediums used everyone is different. Some people hate heat lamps and some hate heating pads. I use both. I have a heating pad which sticks to the bottom of the tank on and I keep a heat lamp on and that keeps the temp pretty perfect. Be careful though both those things get hot so don't put them next or on anything flameable. Anyways I put those on one side to create the 'warm' side. As for night time lighting, they don't need any but if you want to view them I recommend an infared light bulb. I use a black light and you can't see much with it so I don't recommend those but they don't give off much heat.

I don't understand the sawdust part though? Is that the bedding you're using?

Hope this helps!