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My corn snakes passed and wanted some advice

Hello I'm new to the site and just wanted To get some advice.

So about 3~ weeks ago I bought a baby corn snake from the pet shop. For 2 weeks it would not eat anything. When I tried feeding it, it would avoid it as if interested or scared of the food. But it was pretty normal otherwise roamed around the case and drank water. So after two weeks I was a little worried so I decided to take her to the vet. The vets diagnosis was that she had enteritis and there was a lot of bacteria in her stomach. So he prescribed some meds for the week and told me that I have to assist feed her.

Before I continue I'll give whatever background I can about the snake. She was pretty tiny for one maybe about 8-10 inches. Skinnier than a pencil. Which either led me to believe that she was either malnourished or recently hatched. So as for age I couldn't tell you, the store didn't have much info on her. She has access to two sources of water, the temp in her case ranged from 25c on one side to 35c on the other. Has a hide on both sides so she can choose her temp.

So continuing, I took her home and let her rest. The following week I did as the doctor said, gave her meds once a day and feed her a leg of a pinky mouse 2 times a week. After a week I went back to the vet to get a check up. He said that the bacteria had decreased, but since she was so tiny and wouldn't eat I would need to keep up the assisted feeding. Slowly she seemed more and more lethargic, and when I got home today she had passed and had a greenish black area in her belly area.

Is it something I need to worry as I have 2 other snakes. They're doing well and have no problems eating and is a pretty good size.