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Hi Joe,
I’ve seen the word “landrace” here and there but I don’t know what it refers to. Can you fill me in.
Both parents are traceable to wild caught Corns, but from different Locals.

Example: Hunt Club Okeetees would be considered Locality Corns.

Jasper County Okeetees produced in captivity, from different Locals, I am calling Landrace.

When I combine the Goldens and Jasper County Okeetees, such as Jasper County Lava Okeetees, and Jasper County Sunkissed, I am going to call them Landrace, such as Landrace Lava Sunkissed Okeetees, Landrace Lava Goldens, Landrace Sunkissed Goldens, and Landrace Lava Sunkissed Goldens.

Landrace is a term used in the Plant World, for a plant that grows in the wild, or comes from the land. I thought I would try to use the same term, for Corns that are tracible to wild caught Corns, but from different localities. We will see if it catches on.

The Landrace Corns on this List, are the beginnings of Pure Mutant Corns, from wild caughts. The kind of Corns we always wanted in our Mutant Corns, but as we all know Rat Snakes and other Snakes have "polluted" the Corn Snake Gene Pool.

I lucked out and found the Lava gene in some Jasper County Corns I bred. I saved the Lava Gene as a Landrace gene by breeding the original back to other Jasper County Okeetees. I obviously also bred the Lava gene with Corns from the "polluted Mutant Corn Snake Gene Pool, but I saved the original line as Landrace Lavas.

I acquired 5 of Kathy Loves original Sunkissed and tested them all for Stargazer. 2 of the 5 proved to be stargazer free. I also saved the original Kathy Love Sunkissed produced from "Landrace" Okeetees captured in Jasper County by only breeding them to other Jasper County Okeetees, like my Jasper County Lavas.

If you want "Pure" Corns, I have saved three genes tracible to wild caught Corns, without any Mutant Gene Pool influence. I have saved the Lava, Sunkissed and Golden Genes, tracible to wild caught Corns, so they are as pure as it is possible.

I still need a wild caught Anery Corn to add to my Landrace Projects. With 4 Landrace Genes available, we can create several Mutant Combines tracible to wild caught Corns.