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"Landrace" is used a lot in agriculture, mostly to indicate a specific population of animal (say, rabbits) that is relatively genetically uniform, but more diverse than a standardized breed or cultivar. It basically means that they have specific characteristics due to being isolated by natural or artificial means. In the case of Landrace Red Coats, I believe they were found within Jasper County (natural isolation) and Joe and others have been keeping and breeding a pure line of those animals (artificial isolation).

Speaking of pure lines, are you letting any Goldens go in the near future, Joe? Any plans to combine any other close locality stock with them? I can't remember where the first one was even found. Florida somewhere?
Thanks for the Landrace description.

I have already combined the Landrace Lava and Landrace Sunkissed genes with the Golden Gene, so double hets exist of those combines. It will be several years before any Goldens are available for sale. Each year there will be a chance that I offer Het Goldens for sale, but they will be Het Golden Lava, or het Golden Sunkissed.