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A progression thread for the 2018 Miami Tessera clutch.

These are from my Miami Tessera X LBR Miami produced last year.
I snapped a couple quick pics, as they ate last night, I didn't want to disturb them too much.

Balam- my favorite of the normal Miami babies, should be shedding soon, but I had to take a photo, I love his borders!

Trasque- one of my favorite of the Miami Tessera's recently shed.

Geier- another normal Miami baby that will be staying here

Mellifer - is sold, just waiting for better weather to fly to her new home.

Musai- one of the Miami Tessera's definitely staying here.

I'll add more photos of the babies in the next day or so, when I have time to take photos of all of them.

I currently have two of the normal Miami babies available (both males) but I will be adding more babies, including some Miami Tessera's for sale in a couple months.