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I love the pink morphs too. There used to be a website for Poppy Corns, and she had awesome pinks. I find some of her snakes for sale once in a while. If you search for pictures that Steve Roylance posted on this forum you will be amazed at the pink morphs he produces. Don at SMR also offered pink morphs. Carol at Lowbelly produced many pinks too, but I don't know what she is currently producing.

I used to see a lot of JMG coral snows available, but it seems like they branched out to hognose snakes and I don't see many offered by them anymore. I do have two of the JMG strawberry males to work with, as well as a trio of coral ghosts. There was a fellow raising champagnes here in Florida that were supposed to be pink, but I have not heard if he still has them.