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Reactions from family and friends

I never thought about this until recently but I just recently got my first BP whom I absolutely adore. I have posted a couple pictures of her on facebook and Instagram and have received some snake hate from folks who don't usually comment at all on anything and the rest of my friends have stayed silent. I usually pretty positive reactions from friends and family on my pics and comments but when I post snake stuff I get like to 2 likes, 2 negative comments and crickets.

Makes me wonder if I just shouldn't bother posting my snake pics.

Do you have reactions like this? Do you just not post snake stuff on facebook?

As an extension I have also had pretty negative reactions from friends and family that I have told about my snakes in person. A real close friend declared that he would never come to my house again.

Not sure how to react to this kind of stuff. As I said I am really new to reptile keeping in general.


Phily D