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The Vixen x Viper clutch started to hatch yesterday. First pip is a Diffused Tessera, maybe Hypo as well? I think I'm going to have trouble telling if we hit on the Hypo hets with the crazy amount of Masque and the Diffused these are showing!

Have 3 more slit eggs this morning, though only one has stuck it's nose out yet, a Diffused Anery, so we did hit the Anery het. Can't tell if it's a Tessera yet.

The first pip.

The new Anery pip.

The first one out a bit more. Unfortunately 2 eggs failed about 15 days ago but that still leaves 18.

Pairing was Tessera Diffused het Hypo, Anery, poss het Amel, Caramel & Lavender to Diffused, poss het Amel, Anery, Caramel, Hypo & Lavender.