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Black stuff? Ideas

I just need an opinion because this is driving me to drink - and yes I'm letting my vet know but not open until Monday.
This morning Crue had dark brown/black on her underneath & side of her head. Was not there yesterday or at bedtime.
So I discovered my bf's son had popped the feed door to "mist the moss".
Not only denting the bar but the tape I had just temporarily put there was popped as well (I had to find the screen repair tape, as the kitten & one other cat believe the heat lamps are theirs as well).
Now the tape has never been an issue (?) Til possibly now - I attempted a feed on the 5th but refused; as at the time we didn't know eggs were about to happen!
(Refused, shed, then 3 slugs as of 2 days ago). She's her normal active, happy self. All over & in my hoodies & hair... So no personality change.
If anyone could help with ideas it would help my sanity.
I've tried cleaning with both warm water on a washcloth and a saline cloth. Nothing.
Pics included.

Ummmm...... Other details:
Tank is 40 gal breeder (never been bred)
Orchid bark bedding
Sphagnum moss under the log, out in front & in a small bowl for humidity (per vet)
Water bowl
Bowl for soaking /apparently laying eggs under
Cool side: 70 humidity 40%
Warm : 81 humidity 40%
Hot: 86 humidity 43%
I just misted as a note - normal without mist is 30% on cool & warm; between 25 -30% on the hot
I have a 150 watt bask lamp there; cool side I have a 60w daytime heat; for night I use a 50w night heat dead center of tank.
Vet suggested the higher temperatures on hot side....
Going off of someone else's info for a while I thought Crue was a boy. (He was adopted March 2019) Surprise!!
Thanks everyone!

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