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Double clutch (infertile) normal?

Hi everyone
So a week ago (roughly; I'd need to dbl check dates on emails w/vet), my corn laid 3 slugs. As this had NEVER happened in the time I've owned Crue, talked back & forth with vet; checked the three on viability & we thought situation was done.
I offered her a lg mouse a few days later and refusal.
Yesterday bedding arrived & I cleaned out the whole tank (good scrub down) and she loved it. Bedding is about 3 - 4" deep as she loves to bury herself.
So late last night she disappeared; moved her water bowl at 8ish tonight to give fresh water & discover her WITH a new clutch?!
Naturally, I'm giving her vet the good news haha. In all seriousness, is this normal? I know it's normally 12 -24; I can only see 7. Since she's nesting under her water bowl instead of the huge log, should I leave it (but fresh water)?
When do I remove the eggs? I'm leaving tomorrow & not back until Sunday night - should I plan on driving back to remove them?
Thanks so much (I feel I can only harass the vet so much)

On pics.... Two are Crue after going back into the tank yesterday - hasn't eaten in 2 months (not hungry)
Rest is tonight

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