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Rich Z
So, after that, I thought maybe using my 200mm micro lense would give me more working area, since I was having to get really close in to the plants for the above shots. I wasn't sure I had any larger magnifying lenses that would fit the larger lens, so I was rummaging around in the cabinet where I've been storing the old camera stuff I haven't touched in years. I actually did find a set of 67mm magnifying lenses (the 105mm lens uses 52mm), but the 200mm lens uses 62mm filters. I did find some step up rings that I could use, but while pulling out all that stuff out of the cabinet, I spotted a box that I had no idea what it contained. Well I'll be darned! A brand new set up extension tubes for macro work. This will be even better, because I won't have to put any more glass layers between the subject and the image sensor.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to try this yet, because we've had rain all day today. I also think I really should use a tripod, since this rig is quite heavy, and it is very difficult for me to hold it all steady to take the shot. I searched around and found what looks like the perfect tripod for this sort of work, but it will likely take about a week before it shows up here.

Would be nice to actually get some time lapse video of the sundews capturing their insect prey, but unfortunately the AC adapter isn't available for the Nikon D850 body yet. I don't think the battery will run the camera long enough in time lapse to do the job, unfortunately.

I guess I'm getting that camera bug back again. It seems to come and go now and again.