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Karl, your pictures are wonderful. Makes me want to invest in another high quality camera. I had a great camera with several lenses I brought back from Japan, but unfortunately I lent it to a friend and it disappeared, supposedly stolen. :>(
The Canon series T5, T6, and 1200D is actually a "Starter Camera" most photography experts would tell you. (They're all basically the same camera, owner's manual for all 3 were in my kit). Depending on where you live, one may be available and one may not be. For example, the 1200D is sold in Japan, but is the exact same camera as the T5 sold here in the states. The T6 is just a newer version of the T5, and has a few more "Touch Screen" options.

I got the complete kit, Camera, 2 lenses (an 18mm to 55mm and a 75mm to 300mm, a case to carry everything in, camera strap, and manual for less than 400 bucks. I have since bought a few lens filters and a flash unit. But I probably have no more than 600 bucks invested so far in everything.

If you buy the "Pro" series equipment, you can spend well over 1500 dollars just for the camera body.

The Cheaper "Starter" cameras like mine take pictures just as good, they just have fewer pixels and a smaller screen than the pro stuff. You'd never notice a difference unless you were wanting to "Blow Up" a picture to mural size. But for basic computer images and small framed images, the qualities are the same.

I used to take a lot of pictures "back in the day" with actual film cameras. I've had Pentax, Fuji, and Canon equipment before, and with a SLR type camera, the operation is basically the same. Just learning the "Digital" stuff is the only difference.

What I like is, instead of having to wait for the film to be developed and possibly having terrible pictures, with the digital cameras, I can instantly view them and I can tweek the color or exposure on my computer if I don't like the originals.

But the point is, you don't have to spend a lot of money to take good pictures these days.