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Total Eclipse

Back last summer we had a Total Solar Eclipse in my area, (Nashville Tn.) and it occurred while I was working. I carried my camera with me to work, and I ran outside several times to get pictures. It rained off and on that day and was cloudy for the most part. Fortunately the clouds started to break up that afternoon right before the eclipse. There were times when I would look up and see nothing but clouds, but minutes later the Sun would be out again, so I had to grab the best pictures when I could.

I don't have a solar filter for my camera, and the only places that sold them were completely out of stock so I had to improvise. I placed a sheet of Mylar over my lens and secured it with rubber bands.

I posted many pictures of the event on my facebook page but never posted them here. Better late than never I guess.

The website here only lets you post up to 5 pictures at a time. I have well over 20, but I'm not going to try to post them all. Here are 5 that came out pretty good for a "Hand Held" Cheap DSLR with a piece of Mylar stretched over the lens.

The pictures are in order, 1 being full sun before the eclipse, 2 being partial about 30 minutes into the eclipse, 3 being partial nearing totality, 4 being Totality, and 5 the last picture coming out of Totality.