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I was away from the forums for a good long while, since my first corn snake, Lily, managed to escape a little over a year ago. I was pretty bummed about it, and stuck with my ball python for a good long while.

I eventually got bit by the corn snake bug again, and got a baby Salmon Snow corn last month. She is tiny and very pink.

Then today, I bought a snake in need of rehoming from Craigslist. He's an adult..something. I'm trying to see if someone can ID him, cause my best guess is probably some sort of Anery (I posted a thread in the morph forum). He's a good noodle, and I was sad to find out his previous owners were smokers. Poor guy. I had to toss most of the stuff he came with cause it smelled of cigarette smoke (of which I am allergic to), and his tank was old and busted up. Thankfully I had an extra 20g tank lying around. So far I haven't heard any signs of respiratory distress, but I'll be keeping an eye on him. His saving grace may have been that he apparently spent most of his time buried in substrate, because he had no hides (was told he didn't use them), and that may have filtered out some of the nastiness. He has hides now, and is kind of confused about it, lol. Took him a while to work up the nerve to poke his head inside, but now he's slithering in and out of them. I'm guessing he'll settle down more once he gets used to his new tank. It's a pretty drastic change for him, considering the hides and the lack of smoke smell. I'll go through some of my extra stuff too and see what else I can find for him to play with. I know I have some more reptile hammocks hiding around here somewhere.