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How to tell the difference? Golden v Caramel

Joe, you have more experience than any of us right now with this lovely gene. <3
The possible hets I have (and the ones WindSerpents has) are all 100% het caramel, and 50%ph golden (from the het golden x caramel test clutches). Can you help explain the phenotypic differences between Caramel v Golden? I'm worried I'll be hatching a ton of caramels & not know if they're goldens or not. (then there's the compounded Golden+Caramel combo... lawd have mercy!)
Also, since you are the only one with visuals, any way you can get a decent eye photo of the adults? I believe I have some old pics from your (now deleted) facebook page of the babies... But we have so few photos of the adults anywhere.
Generally I wouldn't post this on a public forum, but I think it'll be important in the future when Golden is common... and people can't tell the difference between it and caramel (like some people still have an issue telling Anery-A & Charcoal apart).
Thanks Joe
(Photo of my ph who just laid! Another ph to lay soon!)