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My snake is 6 years old and he still hides. That's typical of snakes. Mine does not burrow, I took that option away from him. But he has 3 places to hide, and he's almost always in 1 of them.

As far as when does the squirming go away????
I think each snake is unique and different and a lot of it has to do with you, the owner.

I got my snake as a baby (he was about 6 months old) at he really wasn't squirmy even then. But the breeder I got him from handled the snakes a lot so he was used to human contact before I even came along.

He will literally sit around my neck or coil around my arm and sit for hours and not even move. He's very calm, because he trusts me and he's not scared of me.

The more you handle your snake and show him that you're not going to hurt him, the quicker he will get used to you and mellow out.

If you only handle him 10 minutes once a week, he may never calm down. On the other hand if you take him out of the cage and handle him an hour every day, he will get used to your touch, your smell, and the way you act, etc....

So really it's sort of up to you.