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It's important to remember that PETA lies. A lot. So I wouldn't put a huge amount of stock in their side of the story. If the employee who first contacted them is in any way a PETA supporter, I would not be surprised if the issues were conflated considerably. It would be SO EASY for me to record video of our isolation room and make a lot of claims of abuse and neglect.

I doubt the reasoning for not sending pets to the vet was to avoid losing bonuses, but management is still to blame, and likely not just any one manager.

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This is really sad. I used to love visiting pet shops but if I saw sick or neglected animals, or reptiles, I'd insist on speaking to the manager. Sometimes what was obvious to me wasn't obvious to the employees, or manager.
These were not animals on the sales floor, they were in the quiet room. It's extremely rare that customers are ever allowed in there.