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Wind Serpents 2018 Planned Pairings

These are stiill somewhat tentative and may change or be eliminated. I'll have a final listing once pairs have bred at least once. These are mostly listed in order of priority for now.

1. Alpha x Akiri (Palmetto w/unknown hets x Sunkissed het Hypo Motley)

2. Alpha x November (Palmetto w/unknown hets x Orchid het Amel Stripe ph Caramel)

These two pairings have the obvious ultimate intent of bringing Sunkissed to Palmetto. I believe hets have already been made elsewhere, but I'm still very interested in seeing if there is any effect on the pattern, as well as anticipating the eventual look of an Orchid Palmetto.

3. Marshall x Ambrosia (Classic het Golden x Classic het Caramel ph Golden Motley Lava)

4. Marshall x Amandine (Classic het Golden x Classic het Caramel ph Golden Motley Lava)

Depending on rack space and how large the other girls are by early summer, I may have two more poss hets to throw at this boy. He is pretty huge though, and the girls are 2016s and barely up to size so we may end up having to wait another year for Goldens.

5. Tango x India (Cayenne Fire x Blackjack Anery w/unknown hets)
I planned to do this pairing last year, but backed out at the last minute when she regurged, had an odd poo, and started refusing meals. Fortunately she did not lay slugs like the year before, so she feels quite strong and has had a voracious appetite. Goal here is for hets that will later produce screaming pink Avalanches and Snows, as well as pink-on-black Aneries.

6. Alpha x Delta (Palmetto w/unknown hets x Buf Tessera het Amel)
This is a last minute possibility, since I was set to loan Delta to Chris McIntosh. If she recovers the way she did last year, she will be sent off to Chris for either a double clutch or to breed the following year.

7. Kilo x Zulu (Mystery Hypo het Motley ph Anery x Mystery Hypo het Motley ph Anery)
Hoping to further unravel the mystery by pairing these two siblings. Crossing my fingers they prove het Anery. Regardless, we will be watching for distinctly differing phenotypes among the offspring, which may help us determine if the parents are Hypoberry.

8. Charlie x Felicity (Strawberry Plasma het Lava Butter x Magma het Almond ph Strawberry Amel)
This one is a really iffy pairing. Felicity is still pretty small, and a finicky eater, and defensive on top of that. I've contemplated selling her, but she would be a terrible pet. Unfortunately my Diffused Topaz phom/phet Strawberry ph Lavender has proven to be male, not female as he was originally sold. I'm listing it here just in case, because I had quite a lot of interest from other parties in this particular set of mutations. At this very least, this will be a goal for 2019.