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Wow - have only just seen this. I'm very honoured to have been nominated, but I'm afraid I really don't have the time I feel I'd need to do justice to a Mod role at the moment.

I don't know if it's possible to remove my name while the poll is in progress, but at least nobody has voted for me yet. Any of the other candidates would make a fantastic Mod, so I don't think anyone will miss me from the list!

Sincere thanks to the person (or people) who nominated me. Your faith in me is very much appreciated.
Um... I've checked the thread and no one seems to have responded to Bitsy's post (unless I missed it completely which is always possible!). 3 people have now voted for Bitsy, before seeing her reply, obviously.. I doubt anything can be done about it now but just trying to bring it to the fore since it doesn't seem to have been acknowledged.

It was me who nominated you Bitsy, but as I understood it, only people who accepted the nomination within that particular thread were to be included in the vote - I'm sorry, I should have PMed you and asked if it was ok to nominate you.