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DYK... From corn snakes to carnosaurs, string beans to string theory, whining to fine wines, fig newtons to Isaac Newton, trout streams to stream of consciousness, if you've ever felt like a wallflower, this is the metaphorical meadow for you to feel free to come and bloom, or just chant or rant like a blooming idiot.

Did You Know 6: Honey Badger Cares!
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Old 03-27-2016, 09:22 AM   #10821
DYK Happy Easter!!

DYK welcome back, Lovah!

DYK Chris, where did you buy? TX?

DYK I've put a couple pairs together, but no one is doing anything. I'm kind of meh about it, anyway. I suck at selling snakes on anywhere but here.
Old 03-27-2016, 09:51 AM   #10822
DYK now that I said that, I think my young lava pair bred. I've tried three different males, and finally found one that she liked.
Old 03-27-2016, 12:27 PM   #10823
DYK that I just spent 3 years raising a male albino Japanese beauty snake to pair with my adult in waiting female and it's a FEMALE !!!!!!!

I got "HER" from a well respected breeder as a hatchling

Also my Moquard's is gravid but hasn't hooked up this year so I'm hoping that she retained sperm from last year when she hooked up but didn't become gravid................YEAH RIGHT

Sooooo another normal breeding season

Old 03-30-2016, 04:05 AM   #10824
Originally Posted by Nanci View Post
DYK Happy Easter!!

DYK welcome back, Lovah!

DYK Chris, where did you buy? TX?

DYK I've put a couple pairs together, but no one is doing anything. I'm kind of meh about it, anyway. I suck at selling snakes on anywhere but here.
DYK we bought a little south and west of Dallas, minutes from a lake, wildlife preserve, and state park; all primed for herping. AND, situated to not have to deal with the headache of taking 1-2 hrs to get from Frisco, TX to the outskirts of Fort Worth en route to trying to get out to West TX.

DYK I'm climbing the walls to finish painting in said home so we can move down there and I can start this...

...DYK I picked up this sweetheart from Tom Thompson a couple weeks ago. She's a 2011 Lava from Ice X Lava Redcoat. She's set to be paired with the below attached ugly gray stripe thing from Roylance, that's het lava.
Old 03-30-2016, 09:39 AM   #10825
DYK I was seriously considering buying that RC lava myself...but I needed a male, not a female (oddly enough).
Old 03-31-2016, 06:23 AM   #10826
DYK I forgot what Ice is. Anery something. I know this.
Old 03-31-2016, 06:24 AM   #10827
DYK duh, anery lava, right?
Old 03-31-2016, 02:58 PM   #10828
DYK, yup! I've been trying to hunt down a breedable female:
  • ice (anery type a + lava) het diffused/bloodred
  • Anery het lava
  • lava het anery
  • lava het diffused/bloodred

since 2012/2013 but just haven't had the luck. In late 2013 I did pick up a female 2012 lava het bloodred ph anery, a male 2012 ice het bloodred, and a female 2013 magma (bloodred ice), but all 3 came in fairly under size. The magma ate a pink, regurged the 2nd pink, I waited 10 days (kept hydrated) and offered a pink head, ate said head, offered/ate 2nd pink head, then regurged it. If I recall I had the nutribac you sent with the okeetee non-tess sibling (madra x gartersnake) by then and the night I planned to use it I found the magma had passed. I was a little p****d to say the least.

TL;DR.... The above ice male is just now reaching breeding size and the "2012" lava female just started being able to handle 2 hoppers a week! They've both been super slow to grow. My own holdbacks from 2013 make this ice and lava look like yearlings, nevermind the critters I have from you and Roylance. Shoot, I have a female 2014 tessera het kastanie from Steve that's almost caught up to this 2012 female lava. And that's with the depression I went through last year after my grandfather passed in July.

DYK if you're doing peppermints this season? I'm on the look for a female (hatchling is fine), as well as on the look for a male blue (dilute + anery type A) stripe.
Old 07-23-2016, 02:34 PM   #10829
DYK my eggs are on Day 67. I feel like the shells are thinning a little. I'm getting impatient.
Old 07-23-2016, 05:19 PM   #10830
DYK My eggs this year took a really long time - 89 days. And then they never dimpled in and the shells never started feeling thin, just started pipping without any indication. How many clutches do you have this year, Nanci?

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