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Behavior General topics or questions concerning the way your cornsnake may be acting.

New Rescue, Need Some Advice
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Old 02-21-2018, 09:51 PM   #1
New Rescue, Need Some Advice

Just brought home an adult corn and he's had a rough past. He's probably around 2 years old and lived all but the past 3 weeks of his life in a 10 gallon with no UTH. He was recently rescued and upgraded to a fully loaded 20 long. The guy who rescued him really set up him well with a perfect new home, helped him with stuck shed and started handling him possibly for the first time in this snake's life. I handled him just fine tonight and brought him (and his new setup) to his forever home tonight. He was fine with being handled tonight and even with the little road trip he did great. Held onto my hand for over an hour after we got home before deciding he was ready to go back in his tank.

My concern is this... this snake has struck and latched on to the guy who rescued him. I have corn snake experience, but I'd like some advice on the best way to approach this snake to get him out of his tank without making him feel the need to strike.

I was told he is a tail rattler when awakened too early in the afternoon. He's probably going to go into shed soon so I want to handle him as much as possible until he's blue, but I want to keep giving him positive experiences. My understanding is he's just not happy being picked up but once out of the tank he's been fine.
Old 02-22-2018, 07:00 AM   #2
all snakes rattle their tails at times so that should not be any sort of factor.

If you're afraid of being bitten, then use a snake hook.

Corn snakes are usually calm and docile, I've even caught wild ones that did not bite, but some do. It doesn't hurt so don't worry about that.

If they latch on and won't let go, drizzle a few drops of Listerine over their snout. It won't hurt the snake and they usually let go right away.

Some folks hold the snake under water until it lets go.
Old 02-22-2018, 10:52 AM   #3
You must remember that snakes are prone to be defensive when they believe they are under attack from above. If you have aspen substrate slip your hand under the corn and lift him out. Another thing to try is to wash your hands to remove odors and put on a gardening glove on one hand to bring him out and then remove the glove when he is calm. Handle him a lot and soon you won't need the glove. I've used that method on snakes that were seldom handled and after the first time the glove wasn't needed. I don't mind it when a snake strikes but I don't want it to latch on to my hand.
Old 02-22-2018, 10:08 PM   #4
Thank you for the tips! I really appreciate just having some things in the back of my mind just in case. I'm not worried about getting bit as much as I am making him nervous enough to lash out.

I actually just let my instinct guide me. When I came home, I was walking past his tank quite a bit getting my other pets fed and giving them some attention. About an hour later I noticed this guy was sticking his head up out of the aspen to see what was going on. I walked over and told him good morning even though it was 3 p.m. lol and walked away. I did that a few times over the next hour trying to give him some time to fully wake up and also see that I'm no threat. Not once did I hear a tail rattling or see any signs of him getting defensive. I could tell he was under the substrate below all of his hides. So I slowly removed them one by one to free up space to get him out and he just watched. Then I picked him up about mid body and raised him out without any ounce of resistance. I was glad. He was actually happy to hang on me and move around exploring for over an hour tonight. He was very calm and sweet as can be while observing everything.

Fingers crossed this continues. I also decided to name him Ranger.
Old 02-23-2018, 10:45 AM   #5
I forgot to thank you for providing a permanent home for your rescued corn. I know he will appreciate your care.
Old 02-28-2018, 10:43 PM   #6
OH heís a good looking guy!!

Iím not experienced (mostly just came to check out your slithery friend) plus it seems youíve got lots of good advice already.

Heís looks like such a pumpkin and from your last comment he seems to actually be! Thatís awesome you took him in!
Old 02-28-2018, 11:30 PM   #7
Thank you. This isn't my first snake, it's been a few years, but it's all coming back to me. I'm so in love with this guy. Got him out tonight and he's going into shed so I will have to wait a few more days to spend time with him again. This is when I start wishing I had another one LOL
Old 03-01-2018, 12:49 AM   #8
Ah thatís great I bet itís nice to have it coming back to you! I agree although itís pretty great to pick them up for the first tine after they shed and see their brand new skin! Thatís funny because I absolutely love my baby as well and she will let me hold her in blue/shed but I donít wanna bother her so much so I got another to spread the love! Itís not a bad idea!

Canít wait to see him when heís all done and any new editions if they come to be
Old 03-01-2018, 08:40 PM   #9
well there's a breeder locally with baby hypos and I'm very very tempted, I just need to get the stuff to set up a 10 gallon I have first. Ranger is deep in blue tonight and I'm super excited to see how this shed goes. His last shed was a total disaster but also happened just before he was rescued.
Old 03-01-2018, 10:36 PM   #10
Hypos are cool! Their saddles blend so neatly with their ground color (which I’m sure is the poInt but still) and you’ve already got the enclosure so you’re like 2/3 of the way there already! Aw poor guy. Yes I’m sure it had a lot to do with the subpar care he was getting before so hopefully the good care he gets now will make a world of difference! My little one had a rough time with her tail tip, it took 3 days 4 paper towel “rubs” and 1 deli cup bath to get the thing off. She has a good set up I even thought the humidity was fine but I think I’ll make sure to crank it up a bit next time because that was traumatic for us both!

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