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Behavior General topics or questions concerning the way your cornsnake may be acting.

cannibal corn ???
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Old 11-30-2011, 01:16 PM   #131
Originally Posted by Nanci View Post
How about you leave the moderating to me, Holly?
I'm sorry Nanci just trying to be helpful not trying to do your job I apologize for this.
Old 11-30-2011, 01:23 PM   #132
big chris
Ok well I won't be sending rich the message I do see that is a slippery slope I am not upset that I didn't get my way but I am disappointed how the thread turned out. I guess in a way my way would have been for some one to say yes chris once in a while something goes wrong and corns eat corns its not common and taking the right precautions you can safely cohab but I understand why people disagree so adamantly its because they fear for the safety of my animals. So I don't wish to take my ball or corn and go home I will allow the thread to run its due course and if someone opens it back up maybe they will learn nothing about why or why not to cohab but maybe they will see that this got us no where grown folks acting like children and nobody wins or looses because there can be no winner or looser in this conversation
Old 11-30-2011, 01:38 PM   #133
See, we _can't_ guarantee cohabbing is safe. The only way to guarantee your snakes are safe from the multitude of bad things that _could_ befall them while cohabbed (and _do_ happen, to people we know, not anonymous people on the Internet) is to keep them separately. End of story. Either your pleasure from watching them interact with each other is worth more to you than their lives, or it is not. But once the snakes die, you can't take it back.

I don't understand why anyone would take the chance. It seems quite selfish.

Anything you have to add to that is just blah blah blah blah I don't care if my snakes die.

We've offered proof that it can happen; you don't care.
Old 11-30-2011, 02:00 PM   #134
big chris
Thanks nanci , for the brutal honesty and all the help. I do see the risks involved in it and I know I won't be the first person to say not me no that can't happen to me so I won't say it. I will just end with I think what I'm doing can be done safely given proper precautions adequate space and appropriate knowledge of the risks involved. I can't say any more than that you provide me with the information and I won't try to match it because I don't won't to dig into this anymore but for each link yall provided me I can provide one in its place for someone who has or is currently cohabbing safely. It doesn't have to end in disaster keeping snakes is a inherent danger to the animal in itself I don't think in my opinion that cohabbing greatly increases the risk to the snake. Yes blah blah blah if my snakes die I will be sorry but how many times can any of you say the same thing about actions you have or haven't taken keeping a wild animal domestically breed or not keeping a wild animal in a glass box inevitably causes death. I have changed my mind I think this post was a good thing not because we settled anything on cohabbing because there is a reason it is such a ongoing internal struggle between herpers there is no one answer both sides think they are right, but maybe we can all go back and see where this went wrong where we could have kept it on the tracks as a informative discussion maybe others can learn from our mistakes and have more and more conversations not fights.
Old 11-30-2011, 03:51 PM   #135
Originally Posted by Nanci View Post
Are you kidding? Then every time someone didn't get their way they'd be requesting that the thread be locked.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I started a thread, no one agreed with me, I want to take my ball and go home now."

Spam is when you're trying to sell something, by linking to a website. Like cheap electronics, viagra, penis enlargement, porn, whatever.
No no, I meant within reason. Not just everything in an arbitrary sense. Like if you post a thread about a pet dying and people start making fun of you or something awful. Very extreme cases only.
Old 01-03-2012, 07:48 AM   #136
Big Chris - if you have looked into this, and seen for yourself how against it a LOT of herpers are, why are you taking everything so personally when people are replying? You have started a discussion and people are going with what YOU are saying, and providing responses for that - if you don't like what you hear, think about it before you say something in the first place.

Please don't shun science and facts as "absurd" just because you don't have the understanding of the findings. People spend years of their lives researching different animals (not just reptiles) in order to learn about them, knowledge that can then be applied to keeping them in captivity. Think of it from a different perspective: people have researched into children, found out how they play and learn at different ages, discovered that they learn with their mouths for a long time - which is why toys are labelled with ages to prevent choking. Would it be okay to give a baby a toy with tiny parts that it COULD choke on, just because it would enjoy it? You can't guarantee it would choke, but there is a huge chance and has been discovered through RESEARCH. How about hamsters? They come from arid areas, they're not seen in water, but would it be okay to insist they swim in the bath just incase they enjoy it? Even though it is alien and no doubt stressful? All the behaviours you mentioned are competitive, and you are not trained or experienced enough to realise that, please let EXPERTS do the explaining.

I'm not trying to drag up an argument again, I just want you to embrace research and see why it is important. It is such a useful tool. As for a pet shop and a vet agreeing on co-habbing, I'm training to be a vet, and reptiles are generally not studied in depth in most universities. Not only that, but husbandry of any animal isn't a vet's strong point either. As for pet shops, quite a lot of them don't really know anything about reptiles.

Lastly, you said it's not common. How do you know? People who often co-hab are pet shops, for ease of "storage" until purchase. If a few of their snakes get eaten, no one finds out about it. They're not going to tell their customers about it are they? Regardless of all of this, I think the moral of the story is, if you love and appreciate your snakes, which you must do to spend so long discussing them on here, why would you put them at any risk at all?
Old 01-03-2012, 08:31 AM   #137
Originally Posted by VacantEyes View Post
I'm not trying to drag up an argument again...
This thread was over and done. A LOT has transpired since. It's better to read and observe than necro old threads. The person has posted multiple threads since this one, all on the same issue.

I know you are eager to jump in, but reading and following along before dragging up old pointless arguments is a bit of a better way to go about it.
Old 01-03-2012, 03:20 PM   #138
yeah its cute when you see the snakes curled up together even if its means one snake is forceing himself on top of the snake showing dominance towards the other snake and stressing out the poor snake.Lol

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