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Health Issues/Feeding Problems Anything related to general or specific health problems. Issues having to do with feeding problems or tips.

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Old 03-29-2014, 12:19 AM   #1

First off, the reason for the regurgitation question in the title is I didn't get to look at the condition of the upchucked mouse. My boyfriend was disgusted and threw it away/took out trash before I came home from work without taking pictures. Thus...I can't say if it was semi-digested or just thrown up. As it has been about a week since I last fed my snake, Freya, I'd say it's been regurgitated. But who knows now...

Anyway, my problem is new; I've had Freya for almost two years now and this is the first time I've had a digestion problem. Her heating pad is always set at 84 degrees F, which has never been a problem, and the weather has been a bit nippy in California, but not especially cold. She has two hides, one on the "cold" side and one on the heating pad, which takes up about a little less than half her tank. Fresh water a-plenty. About two months ago we started feeding Freya adult mice from hoppers (all frozen and properly thawed), and from what we could tell they were the perfect size for her. She always seemed to digest them okay and pooped out the same looking poop (but a larger mass) as I've always seen since I had her.

Today, my boyfriend saw/smelled something horrible from her tank and cleaned it up before I had a chance to take a look. By the time I was home, she pooped again and her tank smelled like dead crabs x 100. I wiped up as much as I could without disturbing her, but she slithered around calmly while I cleaned, didn't try to hide, explored a bit round the top of the tank since the lid was off, and even nestled her head in my hand for a bit (which is weird, she's usually scared of me). She seems okay...but I know snakes have a high tolerance to pain, so maybe she's not

Can somebody please advise my next course of action? Her feeding day is today, but I'm going to hold off for another week or so just in case. I'm so anxious right now I might regurgitate something myself. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to put as much detail in as I could for a faster prognosis. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads/posts advice!
Old 03-29-2014, 12:29 AM   #2
By the way, she's about three years old now
Old 03-29-2014, 01:21 AM   #3
At the top of this (and every) topic are stickies, they are permanent posts on FAQs. Here is the one for regurges.

I hope things are all right and this was a one time deal!
Old 03-29-2014, 02:59 PM   #4
Thanks, Smigon! Still can't figure out why she did it though :/
Old 03-29-2014, 05:18 PM   #5
She could have been going blue when you fed her. It doesn't sound like it, though, if she came out exploring. Did you check the temps after it happened? Is her poo normally just snake poop smelly, not horrible awful something died smelly? Weird poo could be a sign of parasites.

So- skip the next scheduled feeding. For her next meal after that, feed something half the size of what she regurgitated. Hopper. Cut slits in the back of the mouse. I would also order Nutribac from Kathy Love and put that on all her mice for the next several months. Gradually increase the prey size back up to adults.

How much does she weigh, and now often are you feeding her?

I _have_ found mice that weren't ever eaten, and they are AWFUL. Black rotting corpses. That's a good reason to feed in a container. You know it went down and stayed down.
Old 03-30-2014, 02:58 AM   #6
Hi Nanci,

Temps were fine, still consistent. Her poop is normal snake-smelly poop, but this time her tank smelled HORRID. I don't want to take her out to thoroughly clean it because I'm scared I'll hurt her if I move her. We feed her once a week, and she normally poops a few days before feeding time. I've never tried weighing her before, and I'm not sure how I would, haha. Thanks so much for your input! Will order Nutribac ASAP.

I'm pretty sure she ate the mouse because we saw her swallow it whole. We check her tank AT LEAST once every morning to make sure nothing is out of sorts, with random checks throughout the day. She never had a problem eating the mice until now :/

But yeah, thank you again! You're super helpful

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