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Kisatchie Silverleaf Ratsnakes----Finally available
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Old 10-25-2016, 03:43 PM   #1
Kisatchie Silverleaf Ratsnakes----Finally available

Finally available for sale, after many years of hoping for these guys ------ Kisatchie Silverleaf ratsnakes.

( see )

The silverleaf mutation was discovered in a wild caught snake about 10 years ago. This is a recessive gene to the wild type. KJ Lodrigue proved it out over the next few years and sold some Silverleafs, but there are very few still around.

He passed the project on to Graham Criglow, who worked with a pair of hets for a few years, producing some baby silverleafs, but sold very few.

He passed the pair onto me two years ago, along with an extra het male --- these snakes are probably 2008 offspring. I all ready had a male het "black" and het silverleaf that was produced by KJ; Mike Leidner had it for a few years, he passed it on to me back in 2010. Then I was able to find an adult female Silverleaf that Gregg Feaster had/has, and he sent it to me on a breeding loan 2 years ago. So with that group of snakes, plus 2 other females I grew up from 2014, a limited number of silverleaf babies were produced this year, along with some hets and possible hets.

The Silverleaf female, pictured below, is the wild caught female from east Texas in 2006. The other one pictured is one of the babies from this year.

These will all be sold by Don Soderberg with South Mountain Reptiles. Don is almost certainly the only one in the country that is selling the Silverleaf morph of the Kisatchie Ratsnake. Please contact him at, or 830-964-3303. You can also contact me at, or Gregg Feaster; we can answer questions but all sales will be thru Don.

Thanks, Brad Lichtenhan

Some additional information:

The only other mutation currently known for Kisatchies is a "black" form, a type of anerythrism, that is a Kisatchie mutation, it is not found in cornsnakes and was not "stolen" from cornsnakes, but is unique to Kisatchies. There may be some "black" Kisatchies being produced in Europe, but I do not think anyone is working with them in the US. Don has some Kisatchies het "black" that he is working with, and I have a "black" that was born this year, and I believe I have a "black" silverleaf from this year, and I have some hets, so hopefully in a few more years the "black" morph will be more available. I had one 8 years ago, and the neat thing about them is they have no yellow at all, they stay black and silver/grey.

Below is a description of Kisatchies in general from Don Soderberg's web page at South Mountain Reptiles.

The hobby name, Kisatchie, was unofficially assigned to the newest Ratsnake species to be described in the United States, Panterophis slowinskii, reportedly because the "holotype" was collected near Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana. This doesn't mean that it was the first of its kind to be captured, because I was catching lots of these in 1971 in East Texas and Western Louisiana. The common name assigned when this species was described is Slowinski's Corn Snake, but I personally don't use that name because is contains the word CORN, and this is officially NOT a corn snake. In 2002, Frank T. Burbrink presented sufficient evidence to establish that this snake, Elaphe slowinskii (now, Pantherophis slowinskii), found between the natural ranges of Corn Snakes, Pantherophis guttatus and Great Plains Rat Snakes (aka: Emory's Rat Snakes) was sufficiently dissimilar to those species to warrant distinct species status. Surely this species originated from the ancient natural intergradation of Corn Snakes and Emory's Rat Snakes? In order to preserve their genome in captive specimens, since this snake is soundly dissimilar to those two founding species we hope breeders will resist crossing Kisatchies with Corns or Emory's Rat Sankes. One thing I noticed when first photographing Kisatchies over a decade ago was that no matter how I filtered my strobes with opaque covers, the light heavily bounced back from these snakes. Obviously, unlike their Corn and Emory's cousins, Kisatchies have more iridophores in their epidermis.

Also is a link to KJ's discussion of these morphs from several years ago.
Silverleaf and Anerythristic Kisatchie Cornsnakes - FaunaClassifieds
Silverleaf and Anerythristic Kisatchie Cornsnakes Cornsnakes & Ratsnakes Discussion Forum
Old 07-11-2017, 09:20 PM   #2
2017's will be hatching soon

2017's will be hatching soon, hets, silverleafs, and maybe some anerys, too. We had 7 females produce eggs this year, two were possible double hets and one was proven double het. So there should be plenty of babies available.

Check out the cool head patterns on the two silverleafs, and I have included the middle picture of a normal phase of kisatchie ratsnake.

Thanks for looking, Brad Lichtenhan
Old 07-24-2017, 11:04 PM   #3
Hi, is the adult in the very top picture an silver leaf or a anery?
Old 08-08-2017, 06:11 PM   #4
All of these photos are silverleafs. I just realized the "middle photo" that was suppose to be a normal phase did not post. My first group of hatchlings resulted in 8 silverleaf and 6 hets. The hets are very nice looking animals, too. I will post some pics, soon. thanks for checking, Brad Lichtenhan
Old 10-26-2017, 08:46 AM   #5
Looking forward to seeing more of these make their way into the herp community.
Now that I live in Louisiana, I need to make my way out towards Kistache to capture and photograph some wild ones.

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