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Butter Stripe Corn Snake

Rich Z
05-08-2018, 01:53 AM
From my retired SerpenCo.com website.

Butter Stripe Corn Snake

Man I HATE working with triple heterozygous snakes! If you take normal corns heterozygous for Caramel, Amelanism, and Stripe, you only have a 1 in 64 chance of combining all three of these genes in a single animal. But man, is the result worth it sometimes! Last year (2001) I produce 4 of these beauties. With any luck, this year I will have even more to oogle over. And before you ask, no I really didn't sell any of them this year, but I am so excited about these that I at least wanted to tell you about them. If I get enough of them this year I might consider selling a pair of them next year. First come, first served, of course.

NO, you will NOT be able to talk me out of even one of them this year, so don't even try. ;)

I think there isn't a whole lot I can say about these guys yet. With only 4 of them to my name, and no adults to look at, I'm not about to try to make many predictions about how they will look then. But I don't think there will be any disappointing surprises in store for me. Adding the Butter coloration to the Stripe certainly does produce a pleasing looking animal, that is simple and uncluttered but eyecatching, nonetheless. Of course, I guess some people might tend to think I went through an awful lot of trouble to produce a corn snake that looks like a yellow rat snake.

I'll try to add more photos as they get bigger to keep you apprised of how they are coming along. I also got a single Caramel Stripe that I might put a photo of in here as well, so check back later on in the season.