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Blue Apple Herps

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  • Zilla Critter Cage 20 Gallon Long, or Exo Terra 18x18x18??? It's for a female Butter Corn... she's only 6 weeks old, but I just want to get her settled into a nice sized home, for a while...
    Hey, guess who ate frozen / thawed for me with no hesitation at all? Maybe the shipping did him some good! He's a great little snake. Thanks again!
    Corn Snakes did well on trip. We did it in 2 1/2 days and 2 nights. Thought we were going to lose our king. She tied herself in knots belly up. She loves to soak. So we soaked her in room temp. water several times. All snakes have been fed. They were without food for 20 days. Doing well with house temp at 78* Looking forward to going to an expo here in Texas .
    Help needed. Traveling to Texas by car. Will be putting 13 snakes in separate snake bags and ice packs that are used for shipping. How long can they go without water.
    I went to UNT for a few years. I love Denton! I cried when we had to move away from that happy town. Maybe I should order one of your snakes sometime so I can say that the snake and my oldest son were both born in the same place.
    Tried to rep you, but evidently I don't spread enough around. Very well stated in the Miranda topic. I agree 1000%
    How's everything Matthew? I'm pretty busy doing other things right now. Had some health issues & a personal issue that I'm still dealing with. We have 2 daughters getting married summer of 2010. I'll be cutting back on alot of my collection. After 30 years I've had enough.
    I hope you have a great holiday season!
    Hi Matthew, just stopped by to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's a good one!!
    Best wishes, Sue
    hi ...I am new on here...but I talked to you last year..about your anery lavs.. thought I would ask to be your friend...
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