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  • Well, English is considered to be a sort of world wide language and is taught in almost every country. Maybe because we Dutch people visit England a lot and speak English there, they think that is normal? Maybe American people think everybody watches their movies in the original language, like we do, so they get good at English?
    Keep me posted on your travels, & if you ever get to the Pacific Northwest, we can set up a gathering of those of us in the area.

    I didn't see yours. I have mine set to pirvate as well. I'll PM you my email addy for it.
    I'd have to say one of the ones on the east coast, which I haven't been to, but they're legendary. LOL
    Tinley is where it's at for carpets. Daytona has been the big cs show, but I hear that it's not what it used to be.
    We have a couple smaller shows here in WA (Seattle area) & we have some big names (not counting LLL & the like) at the shows. I'd love to see more carpets at our shows, & I'd love to see more east coast people at our shows, but it's not big enough to draw them in.
    We should start seeing HeadHunter Reptiles at shows, (I hope) since one of them moved to WA & one moved to AZ from the east coast.
    Are you on FB?
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