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  • Hey, the snakes are doing great, had their first meal this past weekend and you were right, they'll eat whatever's left over :) They're still getting used to us as far as handling, but we haven't been on top of that like we should this past week (for obvious reasons.) Being at the hospital severely limits what you can get done at home!
    Hey man Just wanted to make sure you are still alive and kicking. You gotta see these Puget Sound garters we have now they are wicked looking. You need some snakes? lol You guys take care. Hopefully see ya soon. Jason
    NOPE... Football Pick'em is taking way too long to come back around. LOL. I MISS football!!! Thank goodness for the NFL Channel!!! :)
    Thanks for the rep on the AZ thing. I AM proud of my family history! There has to be over 150 years of fighting for the US (altogether) in my family (WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Gulf war I and II). A great reason to be proud to be an American. :) Thanks again!
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