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  • Thanks! I thought that was a stroke of genius myself. :p This way potential buyers can see all the info they need and keeping individual posts updated is far easier than learning the ropes of some program. I'm also not a fan of the iHerp system either for record keeping. So, this works fantastic for me!
    I just wanted to let you know that I love how you keep updated public records about your hatchlings!
    Just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed the updated pictures of the snakes we are getting from you. Thanks.
    so you're able to access the site? For some reason I can't get on to play. I'm going to go try again, I was in the middle of something when it seemed to go down.
    I haven't heard back from you on the charcoals. Are you still wanting them? Let me know. Thanks!
    I understand, PJ. :) But no worries here, better luck next year with her. It seems to have been a good trial run, we at least know she's a proven female! And yes, I need to get some pics of my three. Thanks for the updates, PJ. *hugs*
    Well, I have some bad news. Emmie's eggs are all gone. None of them were fertile. I guess she was just too young to breed this season. We have to keep in mind that she wasnt even 24 months old yet. I know she looked big enough but they didnt take. I know it is not her father...of course...lol. Seamus breed 3 females this season and Emmie's was the only clutch that didnt take. Sorry hun, but we will try again next year. I am glad that the babies you got from us are doing so well. You will have to post some pics.
    That's great!!! Oh I'm so proud of her and very, very touched that you named her Emmie. Thank you so much for keeping me updated. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one questionable egg.
    Hi Em, Yes I named her Emmie after you. She laid 13 eggs, 5 definate slugs and one questionable. Only time will tell on that one. That leaves 7 good eggs. She has eaten and should be shedding again soon. I will keep you posted on how things are going.
    Are you guys calling her Emmie then? I like that its' cute! :D I'm so glad she shed... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some good eggs out of her. Go Emmie!!
    Emmie shed!! The funny thing is that she couldnt get the shed beyond her first egg! She started to stress a bit so I held her and riped the shed so she get through it! I guess it was not the time to tell her her skin didnt fit anymore because she was gravid. I just dont think she would believe me. Just keeping you posted hun!
    Happy Birthday, Em. I don't usually look at birthdays, but when I was looking at the main forum page your name jumped out at me. Twenty-one! Wow!
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