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  • Thank you! That's Kwahadi, he's one of the timber wolves at the wolf and wildlife center I work at :)
    That's cool, I actually just posted that comment. It's great to make new freinds. Want to meet in chat? Easier then playing comment-tag :)
    Thanks for accepting me lol. You have a lot of friends. I don't as I'm terrified of people sometimes. So I rarely send friend invites :p
    I used my camera last night but lots of times I use my phone. I don't have a great camera like some of the breeders do.
    Yay! Santa kitty is back :)
    You should find an itty bitty santa hat and put it on a snake, lol! Santa Snake! that would be hard.
    i know...my boyfriend is trying to talk me into getting the lavender from exar15 on here if he is still available come the end of dec beginning of jan
    I have two corn snakes, one bearded dragon; my boyfriend has two red tail boas, one ball python, one corn snake (which I convinced him he needed lol).
    Well, except for this really hard to read color scheme of yours, you really haven't done anything to grind my gears....yet! :)
    when I come here to write you a message I see a pic of you (I assume, lol). On your avatar is the santa kitty.
    Thanks holly , you don't have to like me to do what's right and letting that die is right. Please know I didn't start this to make you and your friend hate me I started it for help but the help that was offered quickly turned to anger I would never doubt yall did it for the love of the animals but why are you and the others so quick to judge me that to think that I do it because I hate my animals is absurd I do it because I thought and still think I can do it safely and humanely or I would stop today I would never do anything to intentionally hurt my snakes I know avoiding the warnings In intentional but I only ask that you understand I have no ill intentions and I do truly believe I am doing what is ok for me and my snakes

    Thanks for your attempts at help these past couple of days
    Chris Wood
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