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  • I'm great and I miss you too! The eggs hatched!!! :D ANd I got hypos, amels, and two stripes. STRIPES. WTF? STRIPES!! Hahaha I'm selling them around locally and I'm really excited for them to shed and eat soon!
    hey not too bad, just got back online, uploading pics and making albums of my 6 corns here. Check em out, they will be up shortly ;)
    OMg everything has been going great! I'm enjoying my second week of college, for the most part at least, umm I'm driving. YAY! I got 4 nonfeeders at a reptile show. Two are mine, and two are a friends', but I'm trying to get them to eat. So far in one attempt, no go.

    And in the eggs I'm really excited. I took one of the smallest eggs and cut it open as my own "disection experiment" and guess what? There was a freakin lavender inside. I'm mad, but excited to see if any opalss hatch cuz dad's an amel.

    I just have too much going on in my life. xD It's crazy!
    Yea we do! How do you feel about this weekend? Assuming Jeremy's cool with it since they live in his apartment lol
    My babies are good. Vlad escaped. And I never noticed!!! that is, until i came home and found him ON THE TOILET SEAT. Any closer, and he would have been in the sewers!! My cat found him too, he has a few little scars which all healed nicely. I'm SOOOOOOOO lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The eggs are doing real good. I'm using the heat lamp and a temp. gun to keep them around 80-89 degrees. In early sept. they should be hatching!! I already have homes lined up for probably 5 of them. =]
    For right now, I'm still not 100% sure, but it's basically to further my education. And also, some fun news, idk if I told you but I "inherited" about 20 corn eggs from a normal snake im babysitting for a friend. They're looking good and dad's an amel and moms from Kathy Love, so I'm hoping for some amel babies to pop out!
    oh noes! me sorries! I hope everything is as okay as it can be!! I'm just working 7 days a week before starting my classes at FAU. wooo. college. lol
    Hola Bree,
    Lost'em all ( eggs...2 left we'll see) except one sweet blood that I threw away by accident...looked like all the eggs had rotted and there were maggots on some, chucked the whole thing in a trash bag and saw the little head poking out, a keeper I'm calling miracle...awesome diffusion, looks to be a ton of pied-sided and ate before first shed....plenty of gecko babies here though ;)
    Bree, Let me get some things done today, reptile stuff piled to the ceiling that need to be washed and feedings to do and I have to bin the lil buggers and I will let you know. Looks like I have a few lavenders and anery lavenders, a few opals, a normal or two, an amel, and one snowish one! I promise I will let you know!
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