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  • Oh good she if finally 100% comfortable in her new home. Have you been holding her. How is her attitude? I know when was feeding last night Gimlet was in deep blue and he tried to bite me when I uncovered him.
    I'm 13, so pets are limited to what my parents agree on. :p My Dad won't go near the snakes if he can avoid it, while my mom wants to know "how's Marty? How's Houndini?" At least I have that road to go down...
    Anyway, where did you GET that georgous snake?
    Oooohhh... Such a pretty snake! That is EXACTLY what I want for my next snake, if I can convince my mom and dad to let me get another... Oh dad, why can't you love them?
    Hey, thanks for the message :) I'd be glad to offer help on them.
    Most Carpets do not get over 10 ft. Some Coastals can get to the 10-12 feet range, but most of the others generally stay smaller.
    The Coastal I have came from a smaller line. I expect she will be in the 6-7 foot range. (I made sure of asking because I moved into a city that does not allow snakes longer than 10ft.)
    IJ's are generally in the 4ft range. Jungles are usually about 5ft range, & Diamonds can range 5-6 ft range.
    Of course all of this depends on the bloodlines too.
    I know of two IJ that were either some of the first WC IJ's or from original WC lines & they were in the 7ft range at about 16yrs old.

    IJ's are a great Carpet to start with, if size is a major factor.
    I have a hard time picking my absolute favorite, I love all of my Carpets! My male Jungle has the best personality! He's my only adult right now, the rest are juvs & babies.
    Out of all the Carpets, I have heard that Jungles tend to be the bitiest, but not all of them are. Tyr is a big sweetheart & he is adored by many of my friends.

    Be careful what breeders you get them from. I will only get from breeders that I know personally or that come highly recommended.
    That said, one of the first people I will personally recommend is Luke Snell (Blueisola on iHerp). I have two babies from him & they are fabulous! Great eaters, great personality & stunning animals! Luke is great to work with!

    Let me know what you are looking for (IJ, Jungle, Diamond, Coastal, Jaguar... & I'll let you know the breeders I know that have great animals.) :)

    Beware, they are just as addicting, if not more than Corns! Space is what keeps me reigned in on my numbers. :)
    Congradulations on your first corn. I know that waiting feeling...
    I always eats me alive! But it's usualy worth it in the end.
    haha that is a big change! ive got a few friends tht moved from st. louis to college station ha so theyre right there with you!
    I will have to see about taking some natural photos for you. I am not sure if I have any blooming flowers. I am going to have to go look. Hhhmmmm
    No but they have the iHerp mobi site. I use that or the normal website through my droid all the time to log in feedings.
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