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  • ROBBIE!!!
    I'll be posting a picture-heavy thread about it tonight when I get off work in~5-6 hrs.
    It feels great to be back on this site :)
    Then a moderator should be taking care of him. It's unfortunate he is like that but obviously needs to be removed.
    He is chocolate & white banded & has a heart on his head!! & I love how his/her iris' & tongue are the same chocolate as her bands!!! Totally in love, I had another girl that is nervous about snakes in with me, freaked her out that I didn't even 'react' when bit, much less touched it again & wanna touch it some more! lol it was a fun first snake bite!
    Got tagged by a kingsnake at school! lil blood, but didn't report it... That snake is GORGEOUS & it was obviously just cage aggression... crawled all over me, but when I put her back I had to fight to get the door shut as she REALLY wanted to stay out. Then I noticed her water was a mess so I opened the other door to grab it & she leapt out & snagged a finger *shrug* just shoved her back in & told her that was no way to repay me for letting her climb all over me.
    Ooh, I wish I could play the piano, I can't read 2 separate lines of music and play them at once, it is just a lil too much for me lol
    Ugh! I really feel he's worth it, but sometimes just screaming and tearing my hair out sounds quite appealing. That's when I read a book, grab the snake, or pet the dog. lol, what is your stress relief?
    Awww, you DO love me!!! Getting back into the swing of things, boy issues and all that *sigh*
    Robbie I want to thank you so much for helping me over this last weekend if you need or want anything from let me know! :)
    ROBBIE!! You sold Mrs. Lipstick!!! YAY!!!!

    One a side note, do you breed or no anyone who breeds old school bloodreds?
    Oh Robbie *sigh* There is a baby Brazilian Rainbow with some aberrant patterning at my local Petco.... Tiny little hatchling, and SWEET, she only *struck* twice, once at the air, and not open mouthed. Good body condition, they are selling her for ~$187, gender unknown, and I am swooning, SWOONING!
    I'm really considering buying her if I go in in a few weeks and she is still there. I've been staring at this snake for months, and the price has now dropped to ~ show levels, especially with her cute aberrant patterning on about 5 circles!
    Hey! You stole me idea! Haha, just kidding xD
    But I seriously want to have at least a Link and a Zelda. But they'll have to be the perfect ones! And yes I've heard her Zelda medley before, she's so awesome!
    Why thank you! ^^

    (I couldn't think of what else to do for both considering I don't yet have my corn snakes, so I went with my old, and favorite, stand-by! xD)
    WOW, I hadn't heard of Nicaraguans! They are cute! Thanks, they are definitely top of the list! I've heard great things about red-tails, but I don't want a snake that will grow to where I'll worry for my dog if it gets out. Granted, my dog eats wasps, but I can't help that, I can help him tangling with a snake big enough to kill him.
    Since you seem to like boas, which would you recommend to a first time boa owner, 7ft MAX (6ft max preferred), easy upkeep, purty, and sweet? I was looking at Rainbows, but their upkeep raises concerns.
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