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  • I have a table at every show. So I will be at this Saturday's show. I'd be happy to help you navigate the vendors and find an animal that meets your needs. My name is Terri and most people can direct you to me. Gail is one of the people in charge of the show and she is also usually at the front door. You can ask her to direct you.
    Hello all

    I recently discovered this site (very impressive and informative ) I am a newbie seeking a reputable breeder and a place to purchase a new baby corn etc in the souther WI or northern IL area. Sure.... I live close to the petco's and petsmarts, and yes, they have a nice selection if your not getting too fancy. Just wondering if anyone could give me a referral and a quality breeder local to get more engaged with the hobby and the love of the species.

    I am attending a local show called Scott's in Wheaton IL this Saturday with the hopes to become more educated and have my daughter and I get acquainted with a variety of beginner reptiles.

    Any information would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
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