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  • Hi, I was wondering how you would rate the tree python temperament, as you have so many beautiful ones. I have alternatively been told they are 'all evil and you can never mess with them', to 'captive breds are sweet hearts', I figured I would try and ask you!
    Hey Elle how've you been? It's been a REALLY long time and I just wanted to check in and see how things were going. Still rocking the Candoia world over there in Europe? I'm actually in the process of moving my two boys out to make room for more immediate projects. *cough cough* hognose morphs and tessera combos *cough cough* hahaha. Anyways I hope all is well and I'll hear from ya soon :)
    My life has been full of fun crazy family drama!! I was housing some snakes so hubby would not know about my 'sneakins' & one got preggo w/ 7 babies. So I needed to come back & get a crash course on incubating & raising little toots. FingersCrossed they hatch. If not...hubby will be HAPPY! LOL
    Anyways I should be here for a while. Its an addicting place! =D
    HeyYou1HotWoman! Its been a while! Still have my shirts! The kids have worn theirs out! MissedYaBabyGirl!! =D
    Elle, I'm trying to look at your prints but can't find them. Help????
    Hola, love. Long time no see. How have you been? How's the degree coming along?
    Being cheeky is genetic. You know I love you girl.

    You need to empty your mail box, I couldn't send you a PM.
    Lol, I don't think I have the right camera to take pictures inside. I'll need a really good flash or some good lighting fixtures. I think if I ever have the money I will buy a real nice camera and have a corner of my room setup to take pictures inside. It would be a lot easier and nicer so that I can take pictures at any time. Though I love all my snakies, Prism and Soren are probably at the top.
    Lol, I've taken some more recent ones.. I just didn't like them as much as that one. Lol. You can search for them and look if you'd like. I searched Soren Pictures and found most of them.

    Oh and my problem with taking pictures during the winter is I don't get a good enough lighting to show off the colors. So all my pictures in the winter suckkk! Lol.
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