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herno1 03-10-2022 03:30 PM

New Snake owner soon
Hi, i'm a soon to be corn snake owner and trying to get everything settle, before i get her/him. i just bought a 40 gallon breeder tank with the screen top. Now here is my 2 questions.
1 _ substrate... i want to get something cheap, and easy to clean. i was going to get Aspen but i'm hearing bad things about it. if i get cypress mulch, will a baby corn still be able to burrow on it ? or what substrate would you recommend ?
question 2 _ UTH ... I have a 10/20 UTH with a thermostat, will that be ok or it's not going to be enough ?
thanks in advance !!!

hypnoctopus 03-10-2022 11:40 PM

Aspen works great. And corns do love to burrow in it, especially when they're babies. Other types of substrate can work as well, but I only use aspen for my corns.

Caryl 03-12-2022 10:42 PM

Hi herno1 and welcome! I'm not sure what you've heard about aspen but it's a fine, safe substrate material. Like @hypnoctopus , I keep all of mine on aspen for their whole life after about their first month of life. (Initially want to be sure babies are eating, drinking and processing correctly so they're on paper towels.) You can find aspen in very fine shavings which are great for youngsters as well as in larger shavings which are better for bigger snakes.

If you get a young snake, it would actually be better to keep it in something smaller than a 40 gal at first. It's much easier to ensure that the snake feels secure and is feeding well if they're in a smaller space. I would wait until it's eaten at least 3 meals for you before putting it into the big tank.

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MysticExotics 03-12-2022 11:09 PM

Welcome! I keep mine on aspen as well. Some people use bioactive setups.
Do what works well for you.

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