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Nyrkorey 09-19-2021 04:17 PM

Question about cornsnake behavior
So I have my corn snake still a juvenile, he is such a good snake. So he is in a 75 gallon tank. There is a lip that runs along the top of the tank, since it was a old fish tank thats where the lids would go. So I have a screen cover that covers the tank, so recently he has been climbing up the thermometer cords and laying across that little lip on top of the tank , just hanging out all day, he isn't stuck he just likes laying there, its right by his ceramic heat lamp, now my question is, should I maybe block that off so he can't get up there and I was thinking maybe he is going up there to get closer to the heat, but his temp down low is around 81-82 degrees is that too cold maybe for him, or is this just a snake behavior where he feels secure up top and press up against the lip, bc it feels like a confined space, when I go up to him up there he isn't stress out looking he sees me and he is just hanging out doing his thing, just wondering about this. Maybe some insight on whats going on.

Rich Z 09-19-2021 09:43 PM

If your cage has a number of various thermoclines in it, and the snake has a choice of what temperature he wants to be, then let him do it. Snakes tend to feel more secure when they are jammed into tight spaces, so perhaps that lip is comforting for him. Give the snake choices, as long as none of them are dangerous, and then just let him choose what he likes.

In theory, anyway. It doesn't hurt to be a little bit paranoid and believe your snake might be suicidal at times and your job is to prevent that from happening. Snakes get along just fine out in the wild without us mother hens looking over them. But then on the other hand, some like to lay on roads and fall asleep to be run over by the next passing vehicle. :)

How is that for a confusing answer? :laugh:

Nyrkorey 09-19-2021 10:04 PM

Hahaha it was a great response! He isn't like stuck up there , I always see him climbing up and down and doing his thing. So I assume he just feels comfortable up there which is ok with me! I just wanted make sure 👍. Over bearing snake parent haha

blacktip 09-20-2021 02:45 PM

Most of the young corn snakes I have had liked to climb up and hang out in the upper frame. I agree with Rich, as long as the snake is not able to escape through the lid, let it be. It will go where it is most comfortable.

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