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Quinn_1234 05-09-2022 06:49 AM

Bloated stomach
Hello. I have a corn snake about 1.5 years old. About a month ago she started developing a bloated stomach after digestion, so before pooping. I tried to massage her belly and give her a bath, and after that that bloating disappeared. I brought her to a vet. He checked her, did an x-ray, and didn't find anything strange. Just some bobbles of air in guts. After the vet visit, I decided to try to not feed her, but she again developed that bloated stomach. It happened 2 times in raw, after soaking she just urinated. She doesn't have problems with eating or pooping. She looks great. She is not lethargic. She just has this bloated stomach for 2 days a week. Can you please tell me what can it be? I want to go to a vet again, but what should I try first?

hypnoctopus 05-09-2022 10:36 AM

Bloating in the stomach is always really concerning! Was your vet a reptile vet? Do you feed in the enclosure?

Quinn_1234 05-09-2022 11:08 AM

Looked like he knew how to deal with snakes. I usually feed her outside of enclosure.

Caryl 05-09-2022 03:48 PM

Bloating is a worrisome sign. Did the vet do a fecal check? If not, I would absolutely request one. This should not require that the snake actually be seen, if you can get a sample of the excreta in a bag or bottle. Of course you'd need to feed her. What did the vet say about feedings? It would be a good idea to put her on something like newspapers or paper towels so you can keep a close eye on what she passes.

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Quinn_1234 05-09-2022 07:34 PM

No, he didn't as she didn't have any poops.she is already on the paper towels. She poops ant urinates regularly. I fed her yesterday with a pinky. Will wait for her poop.

Caryl 05-09-2022 08:23 PM

Hm. Even if your snake didn't have/produce any waste for the vet visit, it's possible for the vet ( or vet tech) to take a sample with a lubricated probe. There are assorted possible parasitic or infectious reasons why your snake might be experiencing abdominal bloating. You mentioned that she's going to have another vet visit. I do hope you are able to sort out the problem soon.

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Quinn_1234 05-09-2022 08:41 PM

I hope so. Thank you for your advice. I'll ask them to do a fecal check.

Caryl 05-09-2022 08:44 PM

Best of luck. Please do keep us posted.

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Quinn_1234 05-11-2022 10:12 AM

So.....we visited the vet today. My snake had a diarrhea, which frightened me. After examination of faeces, they said it was protozoa. They said they would give her medicine for 7 days, and this would help. But I read some information that protozoa is the same as cryptosporidium. I asked the question. Waiting for the reply.

Caryl 05-11-2022 11:00 AM


Originally Posted by Quinn_1234 (Post 1744430)
...After examination of faeces, they said it was protozoa...... I read some information that protozoa is the same as cryptosporidium. I asked the question. Waiting for the reply.

I'm glad you got part of an answer. I do want to clarify something, though if course I'm not your vet and haven't seen your snake's microscope slides. You've done some research, and it's true that cryptosporidia are ONE type of protozoan, but they are far from being the ONLY type. Some are much
more treatable than others. If you've been given a prescription, try not to worry too much at this point.

If you have any other herps, be sure to quarantine the affected snake away from them. In any case, wash your hands well before and after handling her or any of her things. (Should've said this before. I'm sorry.)

Fingers crossed for you and her!

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