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ronlina 01-09-2022 01:45 AM


Originally Posted by JesseWolf (Post 1743576)
Oh! What a coincidence! I got my first corn snake from SerpenCo as well. Sadly, it passed away a few years ago after being diagnosed with IBD (inclusion body disease). Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the money for the treatment, and I think I will never forget myself for not getting pet insurance. Please check this article to learn more about the benefits of owning pet insurance . P.S. A friend of mine is selling his (3 years) for an excellent price (150 dollars). If you're interested, I can share with you his contacts.

It's true!! I wish I'd known about pet insurance back when I had her, too. She was really such a great snake and loved to be handled. Sorry to hear about your little guy!

I'm going to see about one of the other offers above but will check back if it doesn't work out!

ronlina 01-09-2022 01:47 AM

(I wrote to Vin Man last year above but I was too late--apparently I need to check my notifications settings for the forum here)

SnakeCreations 01-09-2022 10:56 PM

Hi There,

I have a few retired breeders I'm looking to sell. Hit me up and we can chat.


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