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Desert Corn 04-07-2021 11:23 PM

Erratic behavior
My corn snake Flakes was fine and then all of a sudden started pacing the cage going up the glass and bumping the glass with it's nose almost non stop. This behavior has been going on for about 2 weeks. Eating fine, pooping fine, no temp or humidity change. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated I don't know what to do.

LyraFamily 04-07-2021 11:31 PM

It is breeding season so it may be looking for a partner... he/she should settle down in a few more weeks.

hypnoctopus 04-08-2021 01:49 AM

Is he male? Sounds like very typical male breeding behavior. Don't be alarmed if he decides to stop eating for a bit!

Desert Corn 04-08-2021 11:19 AM

Thank you for the replies, I never had my snake sexed.

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