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Orcka 06-24-2021 08:36 PM

Corn Snake with strange Scale on the top of his head
Hello, I actually made an account just to ask for some advice.

For a few sheds now I have noticed that my corn snake has a dark spot on his head that looks like layers scales that where not shedded properly. I am not sure when he started developing this, but he did have some shedding issues when he was a baby and perhaps this has accumulated for about 4 years since then :(.

I attached some pictures of him to see what you guys think, I tried rubbing it to see if maybe it was a loose scale, with no luck. Bear in mind that he is in the middle of a shed atm so he looks a bit grey.

I appreciate any feedback or information :ok_01:

hypnoctopus 06-25-2021 02:48 AM

Interesting. I'd love to see more pictures after he sheds. He isn't fed live feeders, is he?

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