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  1. pipatic

    fire corn

    fire corn, 1 2 3
  2. pipatic

    butter motley

    hope you like
  3. pipatic

    looking for a photo of..

    a ghost lavender both adults an junv if poss ..thanks
  4. pipatic

    little fire

    hope ya like , fire het hypo ,anery
  5. pipatic

    new corns new project

    here my other project, butter motley het stripe,caramel motley het strip+ amel, also amel stripe poss het caramel,
  6. pipatic


    1.0 Butter Motley het. Stripe + 0.1 Caramel Motley het. Stripe & Amel now i thought you couldnt have motley het stripe,??? what would be the come of this pairing please?
  7. pipatic

    weight to size

    what weight to the following size does your suppler or if you breed your own, pinki fluff smalls meduim adult ex breeders thanks
  8. pipatic

    smash an grab

    drop the pinkie out of the tweezers ,he grab it ,before it pick it up :grin01:
  9. pipatic


    looks like she was crunching on its head ,
  10. pipatic


    pickup this little guy few days back ,what ya think
  11. pipatic

    pics of my new corns

    blizard female 30in aprox age unkown female 3ft
  12. pipatic


    pick up this girl couple months back she 06 hypo boa
  13. pipatic

    poss breeding

    0.1 blizzard 1.0 lavender, 0.1 caramel 1.0 bloodred het amel, not sure what i ll be breeding to who yet, what or would you breed any of these ?
  14. pipatic

    keeping records

    how do you keep records,with like 10+++ clutches per year, esp with lots of hets etc
  15. pipatic

    my son and corn

    charlie (8) my youngist son getting in on the cleaning and handling and back in it's home
  16. pipatic

    amel stripe

    this is my male amel stripe ,he about 4ft
  17. pipatic

    2 amels

    2 amels het butter motley
  18. pipatic


    this one hatched this mornning with perfect circles all the way down its tail.
  19. pipatic

    1000 dollars/pounds

    1000 dollars/pounds in ya pocket spare ,what would you buy
  20. pipatic

    a motley

    hatched on the 18/o6