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    Constricting prey = best work out for your captive snake??

    Ive personally always tried to get every one of my corns to constrict habitually when it comes to feeding. All the corns I have had since hathlings violently constrict every single meal, even now with little work from my end. It seems every corn I pick up at a year or older has no interest at...
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    four of my snakies

    here is my second corn ever, Lilly (amber) <img src="http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y3/grdn1014/gcorns/100_4424.jpg"> here is her boyfriend, and the newest addition to my collection: Willy (amber) <img src="http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y3/grdn1014/gcorns/100_4415.jpg"> This is my boy...
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    how come we dont see...

    how come we dont see more striped versions of non-normal color morphs. i think striped corns are awe full beautiful. is it because selective breeding of corns is relatively juvenile? ive seen some striped creams and im actually on a waiting list for one, and i recall a striped anery, and a...
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    where does, in fact, petco/petsmart get their animals

    especially corns? is there like a factory that pumps out under weight, cricket-eating corns to supply to all the big major pet stores such as petco and petsmart? are all the animals bred at the same facilities? are these facilities located on a planet other than our own? :shrugs: just...
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    corn snake 3d art

    .. no not on the computer :santa: i am an art student, and for the years and years i have been involved in art i have always done 2d work. this coming semester i decided to chance my luck at doing some clay work, maybe even wood carving if i feel like getting dangerous :sidestep: just...
  6. G

    whats the real physical difference

    between charcoals and pewters. i know pewters are charcoal+bloodred but sometimes they both look the same to me :sidestep: lol ive seen some pewters with a purple/red hue to them, but ive also seen some that look just like charcoals
  7. G

    anyone keep a cricket farm???

    no, i dont feed crickets to my snakes. :bang: but i just got a chameleon for my girlfriend and 2 thousand crickets. right now im keeping them in a plastic tub with mesh covering a hole in the lid. problem is they can climb the walls and basically get out all the time, help? :shrugs...
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    feeder rats and dyes

    so ive heard many times to not feed your breeder rats anything with red food dye in it because its bad for your snakes. well... i bought these things. Small Animal Kingdom Chew Stix. they are little wooden chew blocks for the rats, and they are colored yellow green blue and magenta. is it...
  9. G


    wasnt really sure where to post this :rolleyes: i know a lot of corn breeders who keep an adult king snake in cases where they have corn hatchlings that come out deformed or never accepting mice. this seems to be the most commonly accepted form of euthanasia-- since it occurs in nature...
  10. G

    getting serious about keeping rats

    next reptile swap in my area im gonna get a male and a few females. sure ive read the basic cookie-cutter care sheets but i wanna hear true advice from the experts! ive never kept for anything furry before :( I want them to breed so i dont spend all my money on feeders.
  11. G

    hybrid discussion alert

    im not going to say i approve of hybrids, and im not going to say i hate them, i just have a simple question. anyone tried or heard of anyone trying creamsicle x jungle corn???? :sidestep: any thoughts :shrugs: the thought occurred to me today in computer programing class.
  12. G

    what size tub do you keep your adult corns in?

    title says it all. just curious :)
  13. G

    what size tub do you keep your adults in?

    title says it all. just curious :)
  14. G

    Viv: glass or plastic?

    currently i have all my snakes in glass aquariums, but ive heard/seen a lot of people keeping their snakes in the large plastic-ware containers with holes drilled in the top. ive never used them so mind all my dumb questions, but i dont suposed you can use an UTH on them, no? would you use...
  15. G

    woods: safe, and not safe

    i understand that certain types on conifer trees are unhealthy for corns and cause respiratory problems. i want to build a few climby things for my corns but im a bit afraid to at the moment. all i would be using are small pieces of wood bound together by an all natural (maybe hemp?) rope. i...
  16. G

    strange shedding problem

    i have a baby corn and it hasnt shed since i got him a few weeks ago. it looks like he is ready to shed, but his outter skin seems to be flaking off in small small pieces, and at a very very slow rate. anyone have any ideas as to what might be wrong here? i constantly see him rubbing against...
  17. G

    a question for veteran breeders.

    i was reading a short 'care sheet' on petplace.com, and here is what it had to say on breeding http://www.petplace.com/reptiles/choosing-a-corn-snake/page1.aspx# i just want someone to verify/argue this. its sounds a bit extreme to me.. and i remember hearing only the males usually go...
  18. G

    my baby isnt eating

    i know theres tons of threads popping up weekly about this. i just bought a very small baby normal corn snake. not sure how old it is but its small. maybe eight, nine inches long at max. i bought it a week ago, pretty slim, and it hasnt eaten at all since. i would believe its too young (if...
  19. G

    about feeding in a different container

    how long should i leave my snake in there after eating? should i wait til it digests its food completely before handling it to put it back in its viv? if so then will i need to properly heat/"decorate" the feeding tank.? hmm. so many questions. thanks
  20. G

    live plants in a viv

    im thinking about putting a few live bamboo plants in with my corn when i upsize its tank. why bamboo? easy to take care of and it looks cool. anyone tried this/have any comments or concerns?