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    my corn escaped 4 days ago actually 5 days since its past 1 AM where do you think he has gone?i look ed EVERYWHERE and they say things happen when you least expect it but now since i heard that im ALWAYS expecting it so its not working.should i worry?or is it too early to worry?hes 14 inches...

    its been gone for 4 days now

    my snake is gone because my little cuzin forgot to put the lid back on and i cant find it.im starting to worry about 'em. its about 14 to 15 inches long and about 3/4 of an inch thick.any advice?is it too early to worry?i know the like heated places but everytime i check hes not there ..idk any...

    snake not sheddin..

    i have had a corn snake for a couple months now i guess and has not shed i thought snakes shed all the time ohh and my snake is loose in the house its 2:07am and im looking for him what is the best time of night to look for him :shrugs:

    can someone tell me if this is bad?

    i "upgraded" my corns hide box which was a toilet paper roll*NOT USED lol! anyway i was bored and i cut the fake leaves off a couple of branches on my tree glued them on with adhessive and was wondering the fumes would harm the snake :eek1: *i havent put it in the cage yet

    want to get a new snake..need advice

    i want a king snake or another corn but dont know what to tell my mom any advice? :crazy02:

    mice size?

    1)my snake is about 1ft 2inches and like 3/4 inches thick i guess what should he eat pinkies or fuzzies cuz on rodentpro.com i saw fuzziess and noticed they were perty small would put pictures of my corn but dont gotta camera 2)what should i say to my mom (i want more snakes badly especially a...

    i need help!

    hey guys and girls im blake and just bougtht a corn snake from petco down in texas. it just got out and is only like 1 foot long and i havent found it yet itsd been like hmm say 12 hours it is somewhere in the house any suggestions?